What happens to the windows after they’re replaced?

As I was at an install one day getting some video footage I walked by these old windows. They’re actually original to the home which was built in 1904. I had the question of, “What happens to the old windows that are replaced?” as I’m sure most of you wonder as well.

First off, it’s pretty impressive that these windows are 115 years old and still look this good, they’re called true divided lite windows. This means it contains six separate panes of glass. If a wood window was built before 1960 it’s promising to say they typically stay in decent condition.

So what does EHI do with them??

The first things that are done with metal or vinyl windows are we discard the glass and recycle the rest. EHI throws a big Christmas party each year where bonuses are given out. From the money that is made from recycling, this goes to the bonuses for everyone.

Wood windows are a little different for us… There’s a man in Goodlettsville, TN who builds greenhouses and several of the old wood windows are donated to him. I mean just take a look at this! It’s pretty cool and innovative. Have you gotten creative with your old windows or know someone that has? If so, drop a pic in the Facebook comments and the picture chosen by EHI will get a $25 gift card to Scouts Pub!

Efficiency Home Improvements loves being a part of the community and helping where we can. This year we were able to work with a number of organizations that allow us to give back!


The Nashville Walk to End Alzheimer’s is an event that helps bring funds and awareness for Alzheimer’s care, research, and support. It is also one of the world’s largest fundraisers that highlights what needs to be done in the Alzheimer’s community,

for those affected themselves, living with loved ones affected, or who have lost someone to the disease. It’s estimated that 5.7 million Americans of all ages are living with Alzheimer’s disease this year. EHI sponsored the Leiper’s Fork Crawfish Boil and raised $5,000 for the cause this year, as well as being present at and participating in the Walk event.


We all love our furry animals! Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue is a foster based rescue group that give all dogs a second chance when area shelters can no longer keep them. Their goal is to reduce the number of euthanasias that occur in shelters by placing these dogs in foster homes and eventually in their forever homes. EHI raised $1,000 for Snooty Giggles this year.

The future of Franklin is important to EHI. Franklin Tomorrow is a community-visioning independent nonprofit that encourages the community to come together. They advocate in the residents of Franklin to share ideas and collaborate together. We participated in events for and were contributing sponsors to Franklin Tomorrow in 2018.


GraceWorks Ministries, Inc. is an organization that came about from concerned citizens and faith leaders who decided that Williamson County needed a central place to send people who need help with food, clothing, and financial assistance. EHI loves supporting those who give back to the community while also sharing God’s word. We were happy to participate in a GraceWorks event this year as a sponsor.


EHI was also able to be a Sponsor to Independence High School Sports and Hillsboro Middle School Sports. Go Eagles! Go Indians!

High Hopes Development Center was founded by five Middle Tennessee families who recognized their children’s needs were not being met in local preschools. Each of these families had a child with a special need or chronic disease and they found themselves driving to several locations weekly to receive all of the therapy services needed. These visionaries were determined to create a place where their children’s needs could be met, both academically and therapeutically, and where their children would be educated among their typically-developing peers. EHI enjoyed attending and arranging for an onsite hot air balloon for the families to enjoy at their fall festival, as well as contributing funds for presents for the holiday bazaar.


The year isn’t quite over yet, so we plan to spread a little more Christmas cheer with more giving. If there are any organizations that Efficiency Home Improvements should contribute to next year we would love to hear your suggestions! 

Replace my windows all at once, or a few at a time?

There’s always this question

“Is it better to replace all of the windows in your home at once or replace individually over time?”


Many factors play into the answer.  Some may be worried about the inconvenience of window installation, others may be on a tight budget, or they may not see the need in replacing every window. You might fit into all three of these categories.

When you purchase a new home, everything is on your radar.  The need for new windows is obvious. They may be dirty, fogged, cracked, hard to open, inefficient, the list continues…  Other people may be celebrating 20 years in a home and have watched the windows slowly deteriorate to the point of not functioning.  Sometimes walking in the room is so hot or cold, they cannot tell if the window is actually opened or closed.



Have you paid attention to your windows?

  • Are they drafty?
  • Are they foggy or cloudy?
  • Are they sealed to the trim inside and the brick outside?
  • Are they hard to open and close?
  • Are they old?
  • Are they just plain ugly?


Whether you just moved in or you’ve lived in the same home for years, it’s always important to inspect your windows and understand the benefits of replacing them.


Construction grade windows often carry a limited three-year warranty and are intended to last less than 10 years.


After their lifespan is up you might notice your energy bill increase, you can’t open and close them like you use to, there might even be bugs or outside things that make their way in.


Many people compare the amount of time it might take to renovate a kitchen or bathroom to the amount of time it takes to replace windows, but that’s not the case. Yes, replacing your windows is a big project, but when hiring a professional and experienced installation team like EHI, your project should only take a day or two.  


Are you on a tight budget and not sure how many windows to replace? Typically if one window is having problems than the rest of them follow suit pretty quickly. Say you have two windows in your home that need to be replaced, they’re in the front of your home for everyone to see, what do you do? It is typically cheaper for both the homeowner and the window installation company to replace all at once. The bottom line is, you’ll get a better deal.

It isn’t just a “how much am I paying for windows?” thing, though.  Often times, the strain on your HVAC unit is costing you money. Not just on your heating and cooling bill, but also for the inevitable replacement of the HVAC unit because it is overworked.  Replacing all the windows keeps the HVAC running at a minimum. The rooms in the house maintain their temperature for an extended period of time and the HVAC gets a break. This has a huge impact on the overall comfort of the home, too.  Windows play a role in so many facets of homeownership.


There is also the factor of replacing only a few noticeably deteriorated windows and having the new windows significantly outshining the other now obviously old windows. Maybe replacing every window isn’t or can’t be for you.  That’s why some people like to do a replacement in phases. The first phase is generally replacing the elevation of the home with the biggest problems. This is typically the south or west facing elevations of the home. EHI recommends starting where you spend the most time; living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.  

Either way, replacing a few or all will have an immediate impact on your energy cost, overall comfort, and will increase the style and curb appeal of your home!

Increasing the Natural Light in your Home

A home can be much more than the entry door or the furniture that is throughout. Windows are able to bring multiple design factors that other things just don’t like natural light that shines through the entire home and a unique architectural element.


The Benefits


There are many benefits to increasing the amount of natural light that comes in your home. It can increase comfort, productivity, boost moods, and provide mental and visual stimulation. It can be difficult in some cases to incorporate because of space or aesthetic reasons. Even environments can play a factor, maybe you’re in an area that exposes you to too much direct sunlight.


Sky Lights


A skylight is not a traditional window that looks up to the sky and typically placed on the roof of a building. These are usually fixed meaning they don’t open or close. By correctly placing a skylight in your home it can bring lots of natural light. Also, if space is an issue in your home where you’re unable to install a window, this is a great alternative.



Using a lighter Paint


Color can really affect the way the eye perceives areas that surround it. Darker hues absorb light making a room feel smaller than it is. By replacing the dark walls in your home with lighter colors, this can open up a space drastically. You will get the best natural light effect when painting the walls white and even painting the ceiling white. Tip: use a matte paint because of its reflective properties.


The Placement of Mirrors


Do you have a tiny room in your house that feels claustrophobic or you feel it needs more space? By placing a mirror adjacent to a window, this will allow the sunlight to bounce around the room. If you only have one window in a room a mirror can make it appear that you have multiple natural light sources.


Glass Doors


Decluttering your space and replacing your solid doors are a way of bringing more light into your home. Doors can block light, when switching a solid door with glass doors, french doors, or creating an opening with no door, light can transcend through without any extra help.  


Who is Efficiency Home Improvements?


Efficiency Home Improvements was first founded as a window installation company in 2006 by Lou Beltran. Before Lou got into the window business, he met many people along the way that now make up EHI. A sales team was established in 2016 that offers a wide variety of different window brands for customers to choose from. What makes EHI great is that we install the windows with our in-house installation team!

Lou Beltran, Owner


What brands do we carry

EHI carries a wide variety of window brands for you to choose from. The brand that is a customer favorite is Pella. Why this brand? Pella is our higher end window that offers a sleekness to your home. The Pella 250 Series is a favorite by many. The 250 is available in double and triple-pane glass that provides excellent energy efficiency. It comes in many different design choices that aren’t your ordinary vinyl window. Pella also offers different series in wood and fiberglass. The other window brands we provide are Alside, Anderson, Marvin, and Jeld-Wen. If you’re not looking for windows but searching for the perfect door, EHI has expanded to also selling doors. Our favorite brand is Provia!

The future for EHI

We want to replace every window in Middle Tennessee while spreading God’s love along the way. There are big dreams at EHI, one day we hope to franchise into other states and to start a training program! Ultimately, all that sounds nice and would be awesome, but it would be a loss if the company ever became more than helping people.  We want to stay true to our core values; helping people, doing what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it, for the price we promised, and with the quality that meets our expectations.

What sets us apart

The people and dedication to integrity are the most noticeable. Our team’s care, it’s not just a job for us. The installation teams and sales team have a chemistry like that of a championship sports team. Another significant difference is product.  We choose to use the best we can find, regardless of cost. We don’t choose the $2 tube of caulk when we know the $6 caulk is better. The reality is that’s about a $25 difference per house and years of product performance. We don’t need the $25 that much, we’d rather our customers have an excellent experience and their windows sparkle for years to come.  We apply that same principle to the tools we use, the products we buy, the stores we shop, everything. Quality matters to us!

Does my HOA allow Vinyl Windows?

Homeowners are tired of their thirty-year-old windows that only have a single-pane that aren’t energy efficient, they want something new and fresh.

There are many advances in window technology that allow for a more energy efficient experience. Window Manufacturers give the option of purchasing vinyl, wood, fiberglass, or aluminum frames. The design options are endless with the trim and grids of a window. With all of these options, it can make things confusing to a consumer on which window will best fit their needs and also what regulations to follow according to their HOA.

Style Standards

The standards the HOA has on new windows can seem confusing on the do’s and dont’s, one thing you can always remember is that they must stay similar to the original windows. The reason for this is to not distract from other homes that have not replaced yet.

Your HOA goes off of the design of the neighborhood when determining the style standard. Different color options are available depending on the frame’s material. That being said, the portion of the window frame that is visible is a color such as white, tan, or almond for vinyl and wood can be painted any color. Depending on the window manufacturers choice of design a window can appear different even if it contains the same material.

HOA regulations are not something new to Efficiency Home Improvements. Many projects are in gated communities or in neighborhoods with very strict rules on new window installations. These homes are typically custom built with builder grade wood windows having SDL grilles.

When homeowners replace it is made to seem they must replace with wood windows primarily because of the SDL grilles, that isn’t always the case. There is the option of purchasing a vinyl window with a custom wood look. Vinyl is a more affordable option. Giving the alternative to replace with wood-clad gives homeowners the freedom to replace more than a few windows at a time because of the cost. If you’re wanting to replace your windows and still have that classic wood look for a great price contact EHI today!

Don’t Just Replace, Remodel!

When it is time to replace your home’s original or failing windows, take the opportunity to update your home’s livability and style. Too many homeowners feel locked into repeating the builder’s decisions which were often made quickly and based on bulk buying decisions rather than optimal functionality or beauty. If there is a hard to reach and operate double hung window behind your kitchen sink, a clear glass picture window revealing your bathtub to the neighbors, or an inexplicably operable window high above your foyer, it’s time to improve, not just replace. Making changes for the better will raise your home’s value, whether it is for your own enjoyment or you are planning on selling.

Contemporary Farmhouse with “2 over 2” Bronze Windows

Casement and awning windows have always been found in elegant custom homes, but are seen less in builder models. When replacing consider where they might improve the look and function of your windows. The technological improvements in recent years have made these once upon a time troublesome windows into some of the most delightful windows to own. Many brands open in such a way that they can be cleaned from the inside, they offer screens that roll up and disappear, and the crank feature is reliable and folds away. Since there is no sash divider you maximize the glass and your view.  Would a casement work behind your kitchen counters or in a bath?

Obscure glass options have many modern choices. Consider these in places you want both light and privacy.

In the last few years of the building boom in Nashville we have seen grid patterns go in a new direction. While the traditional Colonial Pattern was rampant from 2000-2007, when we came out of the recession of 2008-2011 we came out strong and we found new grid styles appearing around town.

We are seeing less grids in our new construction and more elegant use of muntins. Very popular are some of the upper sash only patterns, that allow for keeping with tradition but also clear up some glass. By changing your grid pattern right now you can literally make your old house look new. Here are some of our favorite upper sash looks:

Here is an example of a home that is currently listed in the Reserve at Fieldstone Farms that has updated from the original Colonial grid pattern prior to sale-buyers will know immediately that the windows are new and the style is fresh! You can see both Prairie style and grid free windows. One of the best places to get rid of your grids is in circle tops and picture windows, in some cases it can immediately make your home look 10 years newer.


At Efficiency Home Improvements, we want to take you through a few extra steps of imagination when you are replacing your windows. We have a veteran real estate broker on the team available to help you design your project as well as some of the most knowledgable window professionals in the country.  How can we help make your home look it’s best and improve it’s livability? Our installers are all our in house teams that are the best in Nashville, going the extra steps with the best materials to make sure we are maximizing the efficiency of your new windows. Call us today at 1-833-83-WINDO for a free design consultation and quote!!

Hillsboro Middle School Golf Fundraiser at Westhaven

The Hillsboro Middle School Golf Fundraiser is one week from today on Monday, April 23rd at Westhaven Golf Club. There is still room if you are interested in playing. There will be a silent auction that will run throughout the tournament and winners will be announced at dinner after golf. If you are not playing golf you can still support Hillsboro Athletics by joining us for dinner/silent auction for a $20 donation to Hillsboro Athletics. Dinner will be 5-7 pm.

Auction Item Description:

Keith Urban Signed URBAN Acoustic Guitar w/ Case (CERT)

Nashville Predators 2017-2018 Team Signed Acoustic Guitar (CERT)

Miranda Lambert Signed Acoustic Guitar (CERT)

Lee Brice Signed Acoustic Guitar (CERT)

Oak Ridge Boys Signed Acoustic Guitar (CERT)

Peyton Manning Autographed Blue Broncos Jersey (CERT)

Stephen Curry Signed Chinese New Year Warriors Jersey (CERT)

Golf for 4 w / Cart to Country Hills GC

Golf for 4 w/ Cart to Temple Hills CC

Golf for 4 w/ Carts to Westhaven GC

Golf for 4 w/ Carts to Five Oaks Golf & CC

Golf for 4 w/ Carts to Nashville Golf Athletic Club (pending)

Golf for 4 w/ Carts to Old Hickory Golf & CC

Roman Josi “C” Signed Preds Authentic Sewn Adidas Jersey (CERT)

Cory Davis Signed Titans Pro Style Jersey (CERT)

David Ortiz Signed Red Sox Jersey (CERT)

TJ Watt Signed FS Steelers Helmet (CERT)

Amari Cooper Signed Raiders FS Helmet (CERT)

JJ Watt Autographed Texans FS Helmet (CERT)

Jerome Bettis Signed Notre Dame FS Helmet (CERT)

Bo Jackson Signed Auburn FS Helmet (CERT)

Nashville Predators 2017-2018 Team Signed Football Helemts (CERT)

Marcus Mariota Autographed Titans Logo Football (CERT)

Jason Witten Signed Cowboys Logo Football (CERT)

Clay Matthews & Jordy Nelson Signed Packers Logo Football (CERT)

Derek Carr Autographed Raiders Logo Football (CERT)

Austin Watson Signed Stanley Cup Game Used Hockey Stick (CERT)

PK Subban Signed Preds Hockey Puck w/ Case (CERT)

Craig Smith Signed Nashville Predators Logo Puck w/ Case (CERT)

Whitey Ford Signed Pro Model Bat w/ Case (CERT)

Jason Heywood Autographed Baseball w/ Case (CERT)

Pete Rose Autographed MLB baseball w/ Case (Charlie Hustle) (CERT)

Jack Nicklaus Autogrpahed Undated Masters Flag (CERT)

Bubba Watson Autogrpahed 2014 Masters Flag (CERT)

Chris Leak Signed Gators 16X20 Framed Photo “Champs Inscript”

Bobby Knight Autographed 16X20 “Chair Throw” Framed Photo (CERT)

Mike Ditka Signed 16X20 Bears “Middle Finger” Framed Picture (CERT)

Cal Ripken Autographed 16X20 Framed Photo (CERT)

Lennox Lewis Signed vs. Tyson 16X20 Boxing Photo (CERT)

Pekka Rinne Signed Limited Edition Framed Print (CERT)

John Calipari Autographed UK Logo Basketball (CERT)

Floyd Mayweather Signed Boxing Glove (CERT)

Charlie Daniels Autographed Hatch Print

Callaway Odyssey White Hot DART Putter

Cleveland 56 Degree Sand Wedge

Taylor Made Players Backpack

Moss Agate Sterling Silver Earrings

CFWP & Jade Sterling Silver Earrings

Amethyst & CFWP Sterlign Sivler Necklace

CFWP Jewlery Set (Necklace, Bracelet & Earrings)

Sterling Silver Rutilated Quartz Earrings

Green Jasper & CFWP Sterlign Antiqued Necklace

Kevin Fiala Signed Predators Hockey Puck (CERT)

Ryan Johansen Signed Predators Gold Mini Helmet (CERT)

Music City Dream Cars Closed Course Experience for 2

1 Night stay w/ Steak dinner for 2 to Tropicana Evansville (LeMerigo Hotel)

2 Night stay for 2 to Tropicana Evansville Casino

2 VIP All Inclusive Tickets (WEEK PASS) / Nashville Web.com Golf Open

Kevin Wimpy Family Photo Session ($500 Credit towards photos & session)

Kevin Wimpy Child Photo Session ($500 Credit towards photos & session)

Kevin Wimpy Pet Photo Session ($500 Credit towards photos & session)

Kevin Wimpy Graduate Photo Session ($500 Credit towards photos & session)