Drew Mobley is a window industry veteran with over 8 years experience at top companies and has been one of the leading salespeople nationwide for an existing brand. His prior experience in other field included water purification & filtration for horticulture. Drew is an expert on industry trends and product knowledge. See him on YouTube at this link:
What are your favorite brands? Why?
Pella and Soft-Lite
These brands have an emphasis on quality, efficiency, style and service after the sale. Most Wood and Wood-Clad Products
are beautiful yet nothing looks better than a well-installed Pella 250, nothing! Also, Pella goes to the greatest lengths
to insure Pella Products are installed properly.
What do you like about the job?
Helping people avoid the tragedies synonymous with Home Improvement Companies and sub-contracting.
We get to offer people a peace of mind, someone to count on and a breath of fresh air in what can be a daunting endeavor.
Oh, and I LOVE to have conversations with brand-new people!
What do you dislike about the business?
All the smoke and mirrors sales-tactics. My least favorite phrases are “this price is only good for today” and “Yes, of course we do our own installations”
What has led to you joining E.H.I.?
Daily asking for the opportunity to be of service. My own self-centeredness  was so severe I was called to be of service as a career.
Lou found me, really.
What are your goals with E.H.I.?
To contribute to our community and stake our flag all over the Planet
What makes your company different?
In today’s Home Improvement world our approach is radical because
we lead with installation first and we are bound to help one another be our best. We must help one another or the “wheel won’t spin” properly, it’s just how we are set-up.
Have you been involved in any philanthropy this year?
As a company altruism is our essence.
As an individual with an inflated ego I’ll pass on the question
Product & Service Questions
How does someone know if they need new windows?
If the current windows are original we look at the age of the property.
By the time we can “see it’s time” the time was last year.
What are the style trends right now, which ones have gone out?
Custom Colors are in along with more glass/natural light.
Energy Efficiency is always in but how we get there has changed. Technology and advancement of low-E via glass has given way to less bulky, beefy, chunky unnecessary frames that take away from or cover up the classic style and elegance of windows. We want to see as much of the outside from the inside as possible and the hallmark of an aesthetically pleasing window is minimal site-lines w/o sacrificing glass-space, giving more natural light is one of THE trends.
Proper Installation is in and Sub-Contracting is out.
What are the savings one can expect by replacing windows?
Good question. Once properly installed we can protect the investment, save costs and maximize the R.O.I./benefits in all aspects simultaneously.
Project-cost savings, energy and energy-bill savings, loss of sleep from uncertainty savings, maintenance/repair savings just to name a few.
Our business model commands savings in every facet and there typically is no middle-ground. The replacement if done properly will either save us tremendously or if not done correctly will cost everyone more down the road.
What is the average cost to replace windows in a 3,000sf house?
As average as the people that inhabit it. 100% Subjective question and answer.
What is the training program for technicians? Sales?
Our 4-5 Teams have “Master Certification” Program, LEAD, AWDI training, Product Training. Our manufacturers have Sales Training Programs and I contribute with industry experience and we all share tools. As a Pella Platinum Certified Contractor we have access to the most complete product information and support.
If you had to do a 1-2 minute youtube video talking about EHI what would you say? Certainly more than 1-2 minutes!
Watch a 2 minute video I did here!