Lou Beltran, Owner

How long have you been in the window business? What was your previous business?

We’ve been around since 2006. Wow. Seems like yesterday we had a Jeep and an atv trailer, trying to figure out how to put in a Window and what all these tools were for.

Before EHI, I was a regional sales manager for the Journeys division of Genesco. It was a fun company with a lot of awesome people. I’m grateful for the opportunity and everything I learned in my 8 years there.  Genesco is where I met Jennifer, my beautiful wife.  I also met Jim Sanders there.  We have developed an awesome partnership and he eventually joined our team in 2016.  We are blessed to have him.

What are your favorite brands? Why?

Window brands are Alside, Pella and Eagle by Anderson.  Both because they are quality products.  Alside because the people are amazing and the customer service is second to none.  I like Provia doors and storm doors.  As far as non work related stuff, Nissan is my favorite vehicle.  I like that my neighbors are the ones who make them and they employ people in our home town.  Outside of that, I just like things that are comfortable and affordable.

What do you like about the job?

My favorite thing has always been the people.  We meet a lot of guys that are down on their luck or have had some hard times.  We also get a chance to work with young guys who just need someone to take a chance on them.  Either way, the culture provides them an opportunity to have ownership and pride in what they do each day.  They’re rewarded financially, but also with a sense of accomplishment for their efforts.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see boys become men, then husbands and fathers.  They learn how to save money and take care of both the material things they buy and the relationships they establish.  We get to talk openly about our faith and give God the glory for the awesome things He does in our lives without fear of persecution or being fired.  The guys that don’t share that faith are still welcomed and get to see a loving side of Christians that isn’t publicized on TV or social media.

What do you dislike about the business?

I don’t have many dislikes.  None come to mind right now.  I have promoted myself out of the field and behind a desk.  I love being out with the guys in the grime and the muck.  So in that aspect, I’d rather be getting dirty with them than typing and talking on the phone, but we all have our role and accept it eagerly.

What led to you starting and growing EHI?

The core group is like minded. We see a bigger vision.  We have dreams of how many people we can help.  We often say we aren’t a window company, that’s just how we pay our bills.  The thrill for the core group is seeing how many lives can be changed, providing jobs and training for those who may be told they have to fit in a certain box to be successful.  Helping people achieve success at their pace and on their level gives them a sense of ownership in both the company and their lives.  The team seems to share this vision and are excited to spread it to other people and other cities.

What are your goals with EHI?

I want to see as many people come to faith in Jesus as I can.  I’d love to put in every window and door in Middle Tennessee.  We have talked about franchising into other states and have been developing a training program with a big name retailer.  Ultimately, all that sounds nice and would be awesome, but it would be a loss if the company ever became more than helping people.  We want to stay true to our core values; helping people, doing what we said we were going to do, when we said we were going to do it, for the price we promised, and with the quality that meets our expectations.  We want people to be encouraged.

What makes your company different?

There are a lot of things that set EHI apart.  The people and dedication to integrity are probably the most noticeable.  Our guys actually care.  It’s not just a job to them.  They feel like owners of the business.  None are too proud to do any part of the job.  The crews have a chemistry like that of a championship sports team.  They’re relaxed and have fun with one another, but they are incredibly serious about what they do and how well they do it.  Another major difference is product.  We choose to use the best stuff we can find, regardless of cost.  We don’t choose the $2 tube of caulk when we know the $6 one is better.  The reality is that’s about a $25 difference per house and years of product performance.  We don’t need the $25 that much, we’d rather our customers have an awesome experience and their windows sparkle for years to come.  We apply that same principle to the tools we use, products we buy, stores we shop, everything.  Quality matters to us.  It matters with materials and matters with people.

Have you been involved in any philanthropy this year?
Our favorite charity is Both Hands.  We work with the Sheriff’s department, Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Snooty Giggles Dog Rescue, High Hopes Development Center, GiGi’s Playhouse, GraceWorks Ministries and others, but I have a real passion for orphans and widows.  I was raised by a single mom, had it hard growing up and often felt like I was in it by myself.  As a father of three, I have learned the importance of a mother and father in the house with the kids on a consistent basis.  JT Olsen has become a dear friend of mine.  Orphaned at a young age and called to ministry, I have seen God change thousands of lives through the work of Both Hands.  We began working with them 5 years ago and could not feel more comfortable dedicating our time, treasure and talents to their cause.  “Religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction, and to keep oneself unstained from the world.” James 1:27.  That’s their mantra and I think it lines right up with how we view the world.