Installation Manager Robbie Heinitz, Install “Red Team” Leader



How long have you been in the window business?
7 years
What was your previous business?

Mac admin software systems tech at Pixar Animation Studios

What are your favorite brands? Why?
Samsung and Apple. High quality and innovative
What do you like about the job?
Personal freedom. Every job is a different challenge.
What do you dislike about the business?
The stereotypical installer. Someone who cuts corners.
What has led to you joining/starting Sanders R & R?
I have always wanted to grow as a person and with a company. This has been a place where I have learned a trade from the ground up but also grown tremendously as a person and in my faith.
What are your goals with Sanders R & R?
I want to take this thing to the next level. I want to grow and expand into new cities. I want to change our employee’s lives. I want to turn boys into men.
What makes your company different?
A faith based approach where we invest just as much into each other as we do our customers.
Have you been involved in any philanthropy this year?
I worked and supported the Both Hands project for the 4th year in a row.
Product & Service
How does someone know if they need new windows?
Typically the will fog up or you can feel and hear the wind coming through them.
What are the style trends right now, which ones have gone out?
Colonial and prairie grids are in. Gothic is out.
What are the savings one can expect by replacing windows?
Most of my customers tell me their energy bills are reduced by 10-15%
What is the average cost to replace windows in a 3,000sf house?
Depends on how many windows, the type of glass, shape of the windows etc.
How many teams do we have installing?
How are we doing recruiting?
Recruiting has been difficult. We had 25 people show interest the last add we posted and only 2 showed up for interviews
What is the training program for technicians? Sales?
Installers get on the job training as well as access to one on one training on Saturdays if they chose to persue knowledge.
How can we increase the “ownership” and pride of our teams?
I think it goes back to the leaders. You have to set an example and instill a pride into the newer guys. This isn’t a place to take the easy way out or to cut corners. This lesson will serve us better in life
If you had to do a 1-2 minute youtube video talking about Sanders R & R or EHI what would you say?
I would try and communicate that we genuinely care about each other, our customers, and our products.